3 Ways To Lower Insurance Rates Your State Farm Agent Doesn’t Want You To Know

Did you know that by shopping for your insurance every 2-5 years, you can save thousands of dollars? It’s true. Dave Ramsey tells his listeners this every day. But there are many dangers outside of your control that go into your insurance rating, which determines your price. Those things can often be out of your control. If hail falls on your car, that’s not your fault. If an uninsured driver hits you, that’s not your fault. So like the great athletes always say, “We’re going to just focus on what we can control.”

Follow these three tips to save thousands on car insurance.

Tip 1: The higher your liability limits, the lower your rate will be.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but when a new carrier is taking a look at your insurance profile, one of the most impactful discounts is whether you are coming to them with better than average coverage. So remember this, never carry lower coverage than 100/300/100. That is the starting point at which discounts begin. If your coverage is lower than that, make the increase BEFORE you start shopping.

Tip 2: Loyalty matters.

Discounts begin with new carriers at two years. It is usually good to hang in there with your current policy for at least two years before considering a switch. If you have had a claim get removed from your records recently, you can consider switching inside that time. Otherwise, it is prudent to stick it out.

The reason that loyalty matters is that your discounts max out at five years in most cases. On the other hand, if you’ve been with your carrier for five years or more, it’s time to shop! You could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year by sitting on your keester.

Don’t let the literal billions of dollars that the likes of State Farm, Geico, and Progressive spend keep you from acting. Call an independent agent today. Well, finish reading the tips below. And the make that call!

Tip 3: Young Drivers On Your Policy? Shop On These Birthdays.

Youthful Drivers. Guess what happens when you add your 16-year-old to your current policy. The price goes up. Does it go down in 2 years when they turn 18? Nope! Not if you stay on your existing insurance policy. When your child turns 16 and you add them to the auto policy, it is time to shop!

When they turn 18 or 19, it is time to shop!

When they turn 21, 23, and 25, it is time to shop!

These are all actuarial breaking points for discounts with most carriers. Along with good grades and safety driving courses, this will literally save you thousands.

Bonus Tip: Use An Independent Insurance Agent

When you do business with an independent agent, you place yourself in the unique position to shop your rates while maintaining your relationship with the same agency. The big carriers don’t want you to hear this because they can’t keep your business if you follow my advice.

Find a local independent agent (like the Real Good Group) you trust and see if they can work some magic for you and your bank account!

To see what our team of money-saving insurance experts can do to help you put money back in your bank account, go to and start saving today!

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