How To Buy Business Insurance

Partner With Your Independent Insurance Agent

You built your business. It should be protected as you grow and change. Your insurance agent should be more like a partner than a salesperson.

A partner knows your business.

Your insurance agent should know your business inside and out. When this happens, they can help you consider the most significant deciding factor when buying insurance. Whether a small, family-owned business or a large manufacturer, the Total Cost of Insurance must be considered before making a purchase.

The Total Cost of Insurance = Premium + Unpaid or underpaid claims.

When you think about the cost of insurance, usually premiums are what come to mind. Insurance premiums are only a portion of the expense. Claims are often an overlooked aspect of the total cost of insurance. A low premium should always be part of your consideration when buying insurance. However, if your insurance agent only focuses on winning your business by making your rate as cheap as possible, you could be in trouble in a claim.

If your business isn’t classified correctly, savings that your agent found you when he/she cut corners to save you money could be lost in a second when your claim is NOT covered.

Real Good Group makes sure that we understand your business and that you understand your coverages. As an independent agency, we match you with the RIGHT carriers to ensure that you have the proper coverage in the event of a claim. Insurance should give you peace of mind and knowing that your insurance agent is considering the total cost of insurance is the best way to ensure restful nights.

A partner has an infinite mindset.

For our agency to stay in business, your business must continue to exist and thrive!

If your agent is just providing quotes on the cheapest insurance, then they are not giving you advice that will allow your company to exist in the future. When we say infinite mindset, we mean that you should be able to use our advice today and tomorrow. The right insurance agent will help you make decisions about your business. They will do more than take your monthly premium payments and answer the phone when a claim occurs.

A partner knows and cares about your people.

Insurance and safety practices don’t just protect you from claims; they are useful tools for retaining long-term employees. When your team sees that their safety and families matter to you, they will become a more loyal and productive workforce. An agent who has a partnership mentality considers your team as part of the equation.

Because we know that the best team wins, Real Good Group makes considers your people as part of the “risk mitigation” process.

We can help implement different strategies designed to help offset a loss if some of your most valuable people are injured, sick, or become deceased.

A Partner Is There When You Need Them

When catastrophe strikes, you don’t want to be left in the dark.

Ideally, your insurance agent is available by text, email, phone call, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Will you use those means of communication? Probably not. Is it helpful to know you can talk to someone when you need them most? Absolutely!

Do you want to be able to access your policies online? You can do that!

Does your agency send you to a small business unit in some city far away, or do they provide you with friendly, hospitable care like you are one of the family?

Do you have to wait for days for communication?

Real Good Group Is A Partner You Can Trust

We want to help you develop a custom strategy for safety and risk mitigation that will lower your total cost of insurance. If you choose Real Good Group as your insurance partner, we will help you develop the policies and procedures to help reduce the risk of loss and reduce time lost if you do experience a loss. Using our risk management and mitigation tools, we can help establish a clear, concise program to help during an otherwise tumultuous time.

Use Our Lawyers

We hired a team of experts to write HR Documents like employee handbooks, safety guides, OSHA checklists, and more. We provide thousands of dollars worth of advice and documentation to every business that decides to partner with Real Good Group.

Start Your Insurance Partnership With A Real Good Group Agent

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