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Homeowners Insurance

Keeping catastrophe from becoming tragedy.

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Bundle and save. Your auto and home insurance are better together!


What is homeowners insurance?

  • Financial protection if your home incurs damage

    • Homeowners insurance provides financial protection if your home incurs damage. It also covers your personal belongings, the cost of hotel stays if your home is too damaged to occupy, and legal expenses if you’re sued because of an accident that occurs on your property.

    • Although homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, most mortgage lenders will require that you insure your home throughout the duration of your mortgage term.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

    • Dwelling

      Protects against damage to your home itself, like the structure or roof. Your coverage amount should be equal to the cost that would be required to rebuild your home.

    • Other structures

      Protects against damage to detached structures on your property, such as your garage, pool, fence, or mailbox.

    • Personal property

      Reimburses you if your personal belongings (furniture, electronics, kitchenware, etc) are damaged or stolen.

    • Additional living expenses

      Covers costs pertaining to temporary lodging and meals if your home is not safe for dwelling.

    • Personal liability

      Reimburses you if you’re sued for accidental injury or property damage to others (think dog bites or if someone breaks their ankle after stepping off your front porch).

    • Medical payments

      Covers the costs of minor injuries if someone who isn’t a resident of your home is injured on your property.

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